Ce cours vise à développer les compétences numériques de participants au programme Horizon académique.

 Dans cet espace numérique, vous trouverez les supports des ateliers numériques donnés pour le programme, ainsi que des tutoriels et des guides pratiques.


Social networks, collaborative platforms and digital profiling

For each social media that will be presented you will learn the WHY, the WHAT and the WHO related to the use of each of them. You will define how and when to adopt a specific social media and in which context. You will learn the techniques and best practices to actively maintain your profile(s), efficiently and responsibly, for professional purposes. Moreover, you will learn the principal basis to make an active social media listening about your field and/or group of interest.


- Overview of social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube...) and collaborative platforms (academia, ResearchGate, ORCiD...).
- Which media should be used, and for what purpose?
- Building a profile and refine your social media presence.
- Best practices.
- Personal monitoring and Social media listening.
- Media skills (responsible communication, ethics, etc.).
- Perspectives, benefits and limits .


Anne-Laure Payot holds a master's degree in communication and media from the University of Geneva, which she obtained in 2011. She has several years of experience in communication and journalism, notably at the City of Geneva, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Geneva, and 24heures newspaper. She joined the Communication Office at the University of Geneva in 2013. In parallel with social media management, she worked 6 years at the University’s Press office and contributed to the Journal de l’UNIGE. After completing her training as a social media specialist at SAWI, she became head of social media in the communication department of the University of Geneva.

Massimo Caine completed his studies in molecular biology at the University of Padova (B.Sc) and the Catholic University of Leuven (M.Sc), before continuing his research at the University of Lausanne and then Geneva. In parallel, he developed his media skills and founded TheScienceBreaker, of which he is also the chief editor. After various mandates in communication and public relations at University of Geneva since 2014, he became responsible of the social media management of the Faculty of Science and currently runs TheScienceBreaker with a special focus on PhD students training in fundamental science communication (landscape of science communication and outreach publishing).


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