BT0223 SP22

This course teaches English-language writing skills necessary for success in University-level studies and the professional arena, with a primary focus on composing clear and effective prose. In this class, students will practice sentence and paragraph construction in the context of short writing assignments. We will also work on organizing ideas and thinking strategically. Students will become more familiar with the various steps that go into writing through planning, drafting, and revising a variety of short texts and essays. Students will also learn the process and value of peer editing. A required portfolio will showcase each student's work over the semester.

Trad. Jur. En-De 2_2022

Moodle-Kurs für die juristische Übersetzung EN-DE bei S. Hasanovic


Course goals:

•Sharpen your awareness of how specialized text types may follow different conventions in source and target languages. 
•Better comprehend specialized texts in English through knowledge of the features that govern and structure certain text types.
•Improve the effectiveness of your written communication in English.
•Learn to avoid common mistakes.
•Acquire the meta-language and skills needed to analyze specialized texts. 
•Be able to defend your choices when writing or editing a text in English.