During the semester, students continue to develop their translation techniques, analytical skills, and familiarity with topics relevant to the international translation market. Students study texts covering a variety of text-types, registers and topics. Pre-translation analysis is carried out in order to develop greater insight into the reasons for translation choices. Research and presentation of reports on translation topics as well as consultation of parallel texts and other reference materials is underscored. Students build up a portfolio of thematic glossaries.

Introduction to techniques of revision.

This course is designed to further develop the skills student translators will need for professional employment in the field of translation. To this end, the course seeks to deepen their understanding of the nature of language and competence in the source language (Spanish) and the mother tongue (English), including the ability to identify and write in a range of styles and registers.

Introduction to techniques of revision.

Written exam.
Written exam (3 hours; approx. 500 words); travail de séminaire.

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