• „ Acquérir les savoirs et techniques indispensables à la gestion et au management des OSBL
  • „ Maîtriser, innover et mener des projets dans un domaine en évolution
  • „ Comprendre et analyser les enjeux et défis des OSBL
  • „ Développer une approche intégrée et pluridisciplinaire
  • „ Comprendre et maîtriser les principales problématiques comptables, budgétaires, financières et fiscales
  • „ Savoir communiquer, développer des capacités de leadership

3 blocks of 3 modules + 3 virtual courses



Quand la violence domestique altère le travail : gestion et pistes d'action.

A l'intention des professionnels en interaction avec les personnes concernées.

Aviation Management | 3 blocks of 3 modules + 3 virtual courses

Our four main objectives:

  •  Provide you with an overall understanding of the aviation industry
  • „ Equip you with the management tools that allow you to analyze your business environment
  • „ Map the main financial drivers in the industry
  • „ Help you to identify, analyze and offer solutions to everyday challenges

Executive Summer Course in CSR Leadership

Online: June 1 – 21, 2015
Geneva: June 22 – 26, 2015

The Executive Summer Course in CSR Leadership addresses professionals from private companies, NGOs, international organisations and the public sector who would like to:
•    Understand the major aspects of CSR and how it contributes to institutions meeting global sustaina- bility challenges and opportunities;
•    Enhance their leadership skills to become innovative responsible leaders;
•    Master the latest CSR cutting-edge tools and strategies;
•    Boost their company value.
Learn how to integrate CSR at the core of your organisation through a dynamic and interactive course combining lectures, group exercises, case studies and exchanges with peers. Take advantage of the exclusive international networking opportunities Geneva has to offer in the sustainability area.