In this course, we will concentrate on the technicalities of how to read Chaucer's Middle English. The skills that this will furnish students with is designed to help them read Chaucer's texts in a more complex way, subsequently aiding the required analytical writing (BA4 attestation or BA7 graded paper). it will thus be split roughly between practical work and introductions to Middle English, as well as more literary, topic-focused readings from The Canterbury Tales, one of the most famous works in English literature. 

No previous knowledge of Middle English is required, but there will be a continued focus on this aspect of Chaucer's writing. The place of language within his texts, the power it is often given, is a key focus of this course, as is Chaucer's deft use of linguistic ambiguity and the opportunities this offers an author.

A mid-semester take-home assignment is part of the evaluation of this course. 

Texts include:

The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

The Miller's Tale

The Reeve's Tale

The Franklin's Tale

The Friar's Tale

The Pardoner's Tale