This course introduces students to the main concepts and tool in corporate finance. It provides a market-oriented framework for analyzing investment decisions, capital budgeting principles, and the financial decisions of firms. Moreover, it presents the tools and techniques for the valuation of corporate securities. Throughout the course, students will solve exercises and problems to enhance the understanding of the covered topics.

 Understand the firms' financial statements and how these statements are used for the purpose of investment and financial decision making.
 Understand the tools and techniques for firms' investment and financial decision making, and apply these tools to specific problems.
' Understand and explain the main methods for the valuation of corporate securities.
 Describe how firms' capital structure choices are affected by market imperfections such as taxes and bankruptcy costs. 
 Work in a team to co-ordinate and develop ideas how to solve specific problems related to the firms' investment decisions and valuation of corporate securities.

- Corporate Finance, by Jonathan Berk and Peter DeMarzo, 3rd edition, Pearson International.
- Finance d'entreprise, Jonathan Berk et Peter DeMarzo, adapté par Gunther Capelle-Blancard, Nicolas Couderc, Nicolas Nalpas, 3e édition, Pearson. 

Examen écrit.
Individual final written exam, 2 hours, closed book.

Cours conseillés
Recommended course
S120004 Finance de marché or
S120001 Financial Markets