This seminar may be taken ONLY for an attestation.

The first part of this year-long seminar, “Romance and its Remediation I”, is pre-requisite for the second part. Any student who wishes to join in the second semester will be required to pass a test to demonstrate that the reading for the pre-requisite seminar has been completed.

In this second part, the seminar will be taught as a blended online learning unit. We will consider the digital presence of romance elements, especially “medievalism” or the image of the medieval that is constructed in digital media. Throughout the seminar we will ask: how can the techniques of literary and cultural analysis transform the digital media of the internet into a body of knowledge? Topics for discussion include: the interpretative and analytical skills required to read digital media; varieties of visual media: manuscript illuminations, sculpture, book illustrations, pre-Raphaelite art, the comic strip, film (in particular Peter Jackson's film trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings”), video games; games and online gaming: such as “Lord of the Rings Online”.