Learning outcomes - After successfully completing this course you will be able to have an intelligent conversation with an HRM-specialist about: 
' The main concepts used in the field, 
' How to apply these concepts in practice, 
' Understand the new trends and issues in HRM, and 
' How to manage HRM in a global world.
This course provides an introduction to Human Resource Management (HRM). 

It is particularly for students interested in a general management career or aspire to become a specialist in human resource management. 

Effective HRM is a fundamental component of an organisation's effectiveness, competitiveness and long-term sustainability. 

In order to accomplish this course's learning objectives (see above) we will work our way through a quality HRM textbook, tackle each lecture a recent scientific HRM article and get to deal with a recent HRM case situation.

You are expected to do the required readings prior to each class. Instructor and students are partners in this learning experience and we will all need to be engaged, involved and prepared.
Hook, Caroline; Jenkins, Andrew; and Foot, Margaret. 2015. 'Introducing Human Resource Management 7th edn.' Pearson. ISBN-10: 1292063963 ' ISBN-13: 9781292063966. Also available in electronic format as coursesmart eTextbook - ISBN-10: 1292063971 ' ISBN-13: 9781292063973

In every lecture we will (also) be discussing a recent scientific article on HRM.

These articles as well as class presentations will be made electronically available.
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