Course Overview


The course provides a comprehensive overview about global strategy and challenges you to think critically about global markets. Specifically, the course is designed to provide you with (a) familiarity with the problems and perspectives of management across national boundaries and in foreign countries; (b) insights into environmental perspectives (political, economic, administrative and cultural) of doing business outside the home country; (c) analytical ability to make management decisions facing all firms (exporters, licensor/licensee, joint venture firms, firms with overseas subsidiaries) engaged in business outside of Switzerland; (d) awareness for cultural and psychic distances that can increase the complexity of managing a global company; (e) knowledge of strategies and practices of how to gain and sustain a global competitive advantage; (f) insights on how companies choose an optimal global structure and how companies ensure coordination between the headquarters and its subsidiaries, and among subsidiaries.

The first part of the course aims to convey content through lectures and case studies. The second part allows students to apply their knowledge practically in a global strategy project, featuring a real-time challenge. Substantial classroom discussion is encouraged and expected.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course students will have achieved the following learning objectives:

·       Understand the global environment within which businesses operate.

·       Demonstrate the ability to independently research an area relevant to global strategy and then to collate, synthesize and structure an argument based on their understanding.

Knowledge and Understanding

·       Knowledge and understanding of global sourcing strategies.

·       Knowledge in global strategy techniques and tools including templates.

·       Familiarity with many examples of successful and less successful strategies.

·       Extensive knowledge of major types of global strategy decisions.

·       Received firsthand accounts of contemporary global strategy practice from visiting speakers.

Cognitive & Subject Specific Skills:

·       The ability to conduct a strategic analysis in a global stetting.

·       The ability to take a holistic approach to the application of analytical templates and other techniques.

·       The knowhow to obtain and analyze information which will aid decision making.

·       The ability to analyze cases which approximates closely to the rapid analysis of global strategy situations.

·       Extensive experience in working in teams.

Key Skills:

·       The ability to rapidly structure ideas and presentations both as individuals and as members of a team.

·       The ability to shift material quickly and efficiently, and to structure it into a coherent argument.

·       The ability to research material related to companies and business context under pressure of tight deadlines.

·       Organizational abilities in relation to teamwork including presentation and report writing skills.