By the end of the course students will have achieved the following learning objectives:
' Understand the global environment within which businesses operate.
' Demonstrate the ability to independently research an area relevant to international management and then to collate, synthesize and structure an argument based on their understanding.
Knowledge and Understanding
' Knowledge in international management techniques and tools including templates.
' Familiarity with many examples of successful and less successful strategies.
' Knowledge of major types of international management decisions.
Cognitive & Subject Specific Skills:
' The ability to conduct a strategic analysis in a global stetting.
' The ability to take a holistic approach to the application of analytical templates and other techniques.
' The knowhow to obtain and analyze information which will aid decision making.
' The ability to analyze cases which approximates closely to the rapid analysis of international management situations.
' Extensive experience in working in teams.
This course aims to develop a fundamental understanding of the inherent dynamics of international management. It provides a comprehensive overview of the management decisions in the global environment and challenges student to analyze complex situations and develop recommendations for strategic decisions independently.
Cours conseillés
Recommended courses:
S130003 Introduction au management or
S130001 Introduction to Management
S201020 Fondements du marketing
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